Sunday, March 31, 2013

A blogging newbie once again...

Second post and I still cannot tell heads from tails. As you can see, aside from the header of this blog, I haven’t changed anything yet. It looks like it may take a while. Honestly, I feel like a blogging newbie once again.

Do I intend to make one post a day now? Because I just uploaded my first post yesterday and here I am writing another one. Can I do it?

No. I can’t do that and I really have no intention of having a one-post-a-day blog. It would be nice if I can pull that, though. But I did mention to make good use of the time until my domain expires, right?

If you were thinking (granted that you have been to my old blog before) about what happened to my previous blog posts, I managed to save them. I tried uploading them here but it was taking forever. That was then I decided that I should just start this one on a clean slate... a new struggle.

I may upload some old posts every now and then, granted that they are relevant and are not really time-sensitive. They could make for good blog fillers.

Basically, I am just ranting here, trying to get my blogging groove back. There are a lot to write about. A lot things happening all over, all at the same time.

But would I get back to the old “bandwagon blogger?”  Writing about something because everybody is talking about it? It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that I may not always have sensible things to say about the subject at hand.

Writing about something just for the sake of writing about something is bad. Two-cent’s worth is cliché.

Now, I am getting myself into trouble. Really, I should shut up!

And I will... for now.

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