Sunday, September 29, 2013

One blog post at a time

It’s been a while and I really don’t know if this time it would be for real. I’m talking about my blogging mojo.

I cannot count the times that I’ve been in and out of blogging lately. This time, I am no longer sure if I am really getting back to blogging or it’s just another itch that I needed to scratch. Maybe in the next few days, you might see me spewing blog posts left and right until such time I lose my steam again. Or maybe even after this post, I might just get lax in my blogging until I bump my head for the nth time. I really don't know.

You may not believe it, but there was a time when I all I could think about was blogging – I’d write a blog post in the morning, I’d write a blog post in the afternoon, and I’d write a blog post in evening. Sometimes, I would even write a blog post in between writing blog posts... if that would even make sense.

Oh! I did not mention, I was maintaining more than one blog then... more than ten, actually. That was why I was blogging like there was nothing else to do in this world.

I love writing! I honestly thought I could do it forever! 

But so wrong was I!

Blogging got sidetracked for a number of reasons, but the main reason was really I LET IT BE.

Yes, I got distracted... I got confused... I was bombarded with problems and concerns... I was not able pay for hosting and domains... I got busy... and I got a lot more excuses!

All of those reasons really would not have mattered if I did not allow blogging to be on the sideline.

Now that I am finally resolved to really get back to blogging, I still have my apprehensions if I can stay this time. I know I may not deliver the same passion that I used to have four or five years ago, but I would like to believe that I still have the blogger in me... albeit, struggling.

For now, I’ll say I will just take this one blog post at a time.

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