Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just 10 minutes?

What can we accomplish in just 10 minutes?

Sometimes we think it’s too little an amount of time to really do anything. After all, it’s “just 10 minutes.” That is why when we do have an extra 10 minutes, we used it to do something trivial instead of doing something really worthwhile.

The mindset is that, “It’s just 10 minutes, I really cannot finish anything in that little time anyway” and this is often supported by, “I do not want to start anything I won’t be able to finish.”

Makes sense, right? NOT!

This morning it struck me.

If I can use “just 10 minutes” to check my Facebook and/or Twitter, why can’t I use the same “just 10 minutes” to draft a blog post, write a rough outline of a part of my book, proofread a finished work, or learn something I can use on my next project?

That, I guess, makes even better sense.

A rough work… an unfinished project… a disorganized note, is definitely better than starting from scratch. It can be done in 10 minutes. Just because it was not finished does not mean it will never be finished. It can be picked up again where we left off when we have time, even if that is just another 10 minutes.

And let’s be honest, that time used in trivial matters like checking your social media account because it’s “just 10 minutes” did not really end in that amount of time, right? In the end, the amount of time used is actually more than just10 minutes. That means, we actually have MORE than just 10 minutes if we want to.

Got any more excuses?

By the way, this is just me talking to myself. If it somehow resonates to you, feel free to ride on the cable.

You’re welcome.

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