Sunday, March 31, 2013

A blogging newbie once again...

Second post and I still cannot tell heads from tails. As you can see, aside from the header of this blog, I haven’t changed anything yet. It looks like it may take a while. Honestly, I feel like a blogging newbie once again.

Do I intend to make one post a day now? Because I just uploaded my first post yesterday and here I am writing another one. Can I do it?

No. I can’t do that and I really have no intention of having a one-post-a-day blog. It would be nice if I can pull that, though. But I did mention to make good use of the time until my domain expires, right?

Why I (almost) wanted to give up blogging

Blogging has been my life. It has been my way of expression... my outlet. It has kept me company since I was left on my own.  I love blogging, to say the least. Friends who really knew me know what blogging means to me.

But I wanted to stop. Not just rest, but stop totally... and permanently.

Somehow, I lost my blogging zest. I am even having a hard time just starting this post.

When I started blogging back in 2008, it was like I finally found what I wanted to do in my life... and that is to write. Finally I was doing something that I was really enjoying.

Lately, however, it’s not fun anymore. It was frustrating, really.

First, I lost my free-hosting. Fine, you cannot have your free ride forever, but the feeling of being dropped off abruptly, without any warning and even without any explanation why, makes me feel that I do not deserve to be respected enough to be given courtesy.