Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yes, I hashtag on Facebook. So sue me!

I don’t know why it bothers you. You are not the marshal here on Facebook, are you?

Yes, I know. Hashtags only work in Twitter and it doesn’t have any function in these talking walls.

But, I hashtag on Facebook. So, sue me!

Why do I really put hashtags here? Then again, is it really your business?

Social media is like real world – you deal and meet a lot of people, only it’s virtual. But just like walking on a crowded street, you may not always like everything that you see. You may not favor the actions of some people.

Do you have to react every time?

If it does not really cause harm to others, especially to you, why should you bother? Haven’t you heard of live and let live?

We roll at different beats. What may be cool to me may not be cool to you, and vice versa. But I am not mingling in your business, am I?

Is everything making sense now?

Tell me, do my hashtags bother you? Do they cause you unspeakable harm? Do they give you endless anxieties and sleepless nights?

Then maybe, I ought to be sued.

But if not, leave them hashtags alone.

This is a public wall... this is social media.

Live and let live.


  1. After careful consideration, I think you really ought to be sued, Roy. For making me chuckle about hashtags of all things...How did you handle your detractor within those talking Facebook walls?

    1. lol! I'm glad you're amused, Jan. I was really trying to ignore the itch to write about it, but they just won't go away haha...

  2. I wish that marshal had read this somehow. Some people really do get off by spewing unpleasantness all around.

    1. Well, there wasn't any specific person here because there are, unfortunately, quite a number of them who really cannot stand hashtags on FB.