Tuesday, July 9, 2013

They put an age limit to creativity

I am most tempted to call myself a frustrated songwriter, but following the principle of “There’s no such thing as a frustrated writer!” I can’t really call myself that. Because I am not... based on that premise, at least.

Still, I am frustrated.

Frustrated that somebody put an age limit to creativity... an age limit to expression... an age limit to art. No wonder I can’t make it. I am overage!

And here I thought discrimination against age in our country only happens in companies during their employee application processing.

I am referring to the Elements Singing-Songwriting Camp which holds an annual week-long in-house songwriting camp for aspiring songwriters and attended by the country’s top musicians and songwriters where they share tips and encourage composers-wannabes.

The FAQ page is VERY SPECIFIC – YOU MUST BE BETWEEN 18-35 at the time of application.

I’ve been joining songwriting contests ever since I thought I can write songs. 

Yes, I do not have any musical education. I can play the guitar just enough for me play some songs. I do not have a really good singing voice, but I have no plans of joining American Idol or The Voice. 

I am just a poet who likes adding melodies to some of his poems.

Songwriting contests are for songwriters... supposedly. How was I to know that it is for songwriters who can sing well?

Now, here’s a songwriting camp that can help me hone my skills... hopefully. But I’ve been barred the door even before I can knock.

I’m 45... is it too late for me? Late bloomers are no bloomers? Too little, too late?

You bet I’m bitter! 

But it’s their show... their game... their rules... and there’s nothing I can do about it, other than rant here in my blog.

It could have been a good opportunity for me to break into mainstream... but maybe I really do not need mainstream... I’m in a league of my own.


  1. That's a dubious rule. Even before one started they already perpetuate ageism. That's mainstream showbiz bias and obviously they feel smug not to care at all.

    1. Like I said, it's their show and their rules... I can only rant. No amount of tags and tweets will make them even have the decency to reply.

      Then again, I might not even pass the audition, because I'm just a songwriter, not a songwriter with a good singing voice.