Saturday, January 3, 2015

Goals and objectives for 2015

Thus ended 2014.

Now that 2015 has started, there will always be the mandatory planning and goal-setting for the New Year. Don’t ask, it’s a blogging thing.

Actually, it’s not. I just want to sound clever.

Anyway, this is just a full-blown blog post of what I already posted in my Facebook page before 2014 ended.

1. Continue the positivity
I have always been a pessimist, a realist-pessimist to be more accurate.  But well-meaning friends often tell me to “loosen up” and “BE POSITIVE,” which I did especially in the last few days of 2014. I hope to continue and prolong that positivity this 2015 as much as I can.

2. Read more
I used to read a lot when I was younger. I read almost everything. I was buying books at a time when I cannot still afford to buy books. There was no particular subject or book genre for me. I would buy anything that would catch my interest then. Be it a sci-fi, self-improvement, crafts, computer, or even paranormal – anything! And I would definitely read them.

But as fate would have it, priorities changed and I was faced with “real-world” issues that I was not able to catch up on my reading. The number of books that I have not yet read has stacked up and I did not care... or did I?

I do, that is why I would like to get back to reading this year, and I have a lot of books shortlisted already.

3. Write more
It is intentional that “Read more” is before “Write more” because a “writer is a reader first.” Anyone who wants to be a writer needs to read... and read a lot.

Since I slacked in my reading, it won’t be a surprised thing to follow that I would also slack up in my writing, which I did, and how!

With 3 unfinished books to write, I really should WRITE MORE to be able to finish them, and this early I am already excited.

I know I will not be limited to just 3 books.

4. Stay focused
Distractions abound and it does not take much to distract me. A single “notification” can do a lot of damage if I am not really conscious of my activities. So, I am telling myself right now to stay focused if I ever want to accomplish anything this year, more so if I want this to be an awesome 2015.


5. Pay it forward
It is a nice idea and it does not limit the flow of kindness to a small circle which is what “paying it back” usually does.

Paying it forward does not always mean financial or material things – sometimes a kind word, a gentle tap or a push, an encouragement, or even just the mere presence for someone can mean a lot.

We all have been a recipient of kindness at some point, I know I am, and it would be nice to have an opportunity to be able to pay it forward.

And that, wraps up my objective for this year. Who knows? I might even get back to active blogging in 2015?


  1. I like these goals a lot, and hope you can achieve them. I'm going to give you a short tip on staying focused. It only works if you can set alarms, and comes from a guy named Brendon Burchard. Once you awaken set the alarm to go off every 3 hours. Every time it goes off during your day ask yourself if you're working on what you wanted to work on. If so, continue; if not, then get back to work. Simple right? :-)

    1. Thanks Mitch. That is a good tip. I will remember that :)