Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why do we choose the lesser evil?

Choose the lesser evil... this is a cliché that we hear all too often, especially during election.

But why do we need to choose the lesser evil? Is evil really the only choice we have?

It is really sad that almost everybody believed that to be a fact – that the better option really is to choose the lesser evil.

It is an accepted fact, unfortunately, that politics is dirty. Although some would correct that statement saying, “Politics is not dirty, politicians are,” which does not really make it any better.

It is often said that even if an honest man gets elected, even if he has no personal agenda (if such exists), oftentimes he has to follow the system. Or, to make it more politically correct, the system will eat him. If not, he might not get anything done because he won’t get any support from those who are already “into the system,” or worse, he might just quit if he can’t stand how filthy it can get inside.

If he indeed gets into the system, and experiences its “benefits,” he might enjoy it and appreciates the “advantages” that go along with it.

That would leave us to where we were before, a situation where our only choice is the lesser evil. Choosing those who are “at least” doing something.

Do we still have hope? Are we supposed to be contented with “piece-meal” public service? Is the lesser evil really the best we can get?

We all want a change for the better.

Maybe it’s time to change our way of thinking and start looking out for the non-evil, and if indeed we find one, let’s pray that he would stand his ground and not join the system. This, however, will only happen if we continue supporting him after the election – even if we do not get any direct benefit from it.

It’s a long shot, but maybe there’s still a chance. Maybe we can still hope. It won’t happen overnight. It may not happen this election, maybe not next year, or even in the next election.

Little by little... inch by inch... if we keep on improving our choices, if we keep on demanding for the better option, and imparting this to the next generation, maybe it might happen. No matter how far in the future it might be... it can happen.

Because choosing the lesser, or even the least, among the evils before us, is just not the right way to make a choice.


  1. Most of the time I think viewing politicians in terms of "good and evil" is unfair. The evil ones are always those people who don't support your position, and truthfully most of the time those folks are pretty decent.

    However, the overall issue is that we often don't like either choice for one reason or another, and if we want to say we've participated in the process and there's only 2 choices... well, what are you going to do?

    1. It may sound unfair Mitch, but unfortunately, on our side of the globe, the 'lesser evil' seems to be only choice. It's not even between "good and evil"