Sunday, April 7, 2013

Almost wanting to give up... again

It is very frustrating and honestly, it’s making me want to give up... again. I am referring to this new struggling blogger blog.

I was very happy and excited that I was able to revive The Struggling Blogger and have it hosted in Blogger for free. Unfortunately, taking a free ride surely has its consequences.

If you are reading this now, then that’s good! I am lucky this time. This site loaded well now. But most the time, the site would not load and instead, this message shows up...

The same is true with my other domains that I tried to transfer to Blogger – Travel To Angeles City, Womenagerie, and Roysville.

I was sure I followed the instructions given by Blogger. The sites were loading fine at the start... until it started showing the message. It’s very frustrating.

I tried contacting where I was buying my domains. They were quick to respond, I appreciate that. They said there were conflicts with DNS and Google’s configuration with blogs and talk about things I do not really understand, being a non-techie. But they added that they made some tweaking, doing some changes in my account and said everything will be okay soon.

Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s an on-and-off thing. The sites would load fine one time and then the error message would show again after a few minutes. What’s making it more frustrating is that it happens after I tweeted and shared on Facebook my new post because I thought the problem was already fixed.

Really, very frustrating! It’s making me want to give up!

Just when I knew I have a lot to say... I have a lot to write, this has to happen!

Maybe I really need to give up! Give up my domains, I mean. I will just rely and be satisfied with instead. It will even save me from paying the annual domain renewal fee.

So much for branding. So much for identity.

I just had to vent out.

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